The Group’s values, internal expertise and close collaboration with customers – each a leader on its own reference market – have fostered the Group’s growth from a technical and technological viewpoint and, over the decades, have made it a first mover in the fastener sector.
Proof of this are the 145 patents developed over the years, to which must be added countless trademarks and treatments that constitute real points of reference for the fasteners sector: Torx®, Strux®, Z-Form®, Paralobe™, Magnaseal®, Everprotect®, Esascanalata®, Neverfriction™ – to name only a few.
Materials, coatings, technologies and product design are at the heart of the analysis of dozens of integrated professionals who, besides working in a coordinated way in the centres located in Italy, the USA and Brazil, constantly collaborate with universities and research centres. All this while always paying special attention to the green aspect of the business activity.