“The unhappy, the unfortunate, the afflicted, the suffering, the desperate, the troubled, the sorrowful, the depressed”: they are the recipients of an editorial project born of the desire to help 5 charities of Luigi Fontana, CEO of Fontana Gruppo, and his wife Patrizia. The book “This is a love story” talks of them and for them. “So that everyone can hear about wonderful experiences full of optimism, trust, faith and hope”, comment Patrizia and Luigi Fontana.
A copy of the book is available upon request from the websites of the associations involved with a minimum donation of 20 euros.

B.Live – www.blivewolrd.org
Cometa – www.puntocometa.org
Friends – www.friends-online.org
SLAncio – www.progettoslancio.it
Associazione Veronica Sacchi – www.veronicasacchi.it