Dan DiSebastian, Acument Global Technologies President & CEO, would like to congratulate the employees of Fontana Gruppo on being awarded a total of seven GM Supplier Excellence Awards in 2020— five of which were earned by our North American locations. Reflecting on the company’s dedication to its customers and the importance of quality, he states:

“It is everyone’s job to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. We do this by safely producing the highest quality parts on time, exhibiting a solid value proposition, and offering solutions, fast response, and exciting products”.

GM awards Supplier Excellence to their top-performing suppliers providing the best quality products throughout the year— with on-time delivery and zero disruptions.

“Together in 2020, we faced the unknown in what was an immensely challenging year,” Paul Parsons, Vice President of Quality, added. “We thank our brave employees who trusted and embraced health and safety protocols that enabled us to return to work. It is an honor to work with such a dedicated team so focused on customer satisfaction, and it is this commitment that GM and our other customers recognize us for.”

It is this focus that allows Acument to align with the client’s vision of a world where there are zero crashes, zero emissions, and a world with zero congestion.