Enthusiastic about its presence at Formula SAE Italy 2022, Fontana Gruppo congratulates all the youngsters who participated, particularly the UniBo Motorsport team from the University of Bologna. The Company gave him the special “Award for the best-bolted joints,” which included a specially made trophy and a visit to the Headquarters in Veduggio con Colzano. In this regard, Paolo Redaelli, R&D Manager of Fontana Gruppo, explains the reasons for this choice: “I was particularly impressed by the team’s knowledge and expertise regarding bolts and fasteners because they made a spreadsheet also based on the VDI 2230 standard, which is generally unknown to non-experts. The team based the fasteners’ selection for their car on an engineering method, including assessing the required preload and the torque needed to achieve it.” It didn’t end there. Fontana Gruppo invites students from all teams to participate in the webinar scheduled for next September 20. Paolo Redaelli and the Group’s HR team will discuss career paths and technical skills.