On January 17 and 18, Fontana Gruppo organized its first “Training Days” training sessions for about 20 workforces working within the Sales, Quality, Technical, and R&D offices or in Fast Trade, the fasteners solution provider of reference for the EMEA market. The training goal was to explain the Fontana world starting from its foundations, i.e., the production process of fasteners, and then delving into the fastener solutions made by Fontana from a technical and commercial point of view. “We divided this training course into modules based on the specific needs of the workforces and their work areas, dedicating, in particular, a first module to basic training,” explains Paolo Redaelli, Fontana Gruppo R&D Manager as well as the creator of the project. “We are satisfied with the success and the results obtained, and we are considering including the Training Days in the placement process of new resources in the Company.”