Great enthusiasm and participation characterized the four-day visit of the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) second classes of  Collegio San Carlo secondary school in Milan to the Fontana Luigi plant, in Veduggio con Colzano, and Lobo, in Cornaredo. “For the first time, the students had the opportunity to visit a company,” says Elena Radaelli, ICT professor at the College, “and see how different specialists collaborate to produce fasteners, the protagonists of our school project on Leonardo da Vinci’s screw. We chose Fontana Gruppo,” continues the professor, “because it is the world leader in the sector and for its constant commitment to society and young students by sharing its experience and professionalism. The students and families have greatly appreciated the activity, encouraging us to organize more meetings at the Company with other classes.” A project presentation event is also planned at the Leonardo3 Museum in Milan at the school year’s conclusion.