Futurmotive 2023 was the ideal opportunity to present the cornerstones of Fontana Gruppo’s offerings and future, together with KRABO®, which are technology, innovation, and safety, to industry experts. During the two-day exhibition, engineers from Fontana Fasteners R.D., a Fontana Gruppo company, presented the testing and validation activities of bolted assemblies carried out daily in Fontana with cutting-edge technologies. The KRABO® team, on the other hand, presented its intelligent fastening systems that leverage wireless technology and IoT for real-time and remote monitoring of bolt tension. Paolo Redaelli, Fontana Gruppo R&D Manager and now at the head of KRABO®, commented, “We are pleased with the feedback received on KRABO® technology; the audience was pleasantly impressed by the Group’s commitment to bringing innovation to the fasteners sector to make the world of tomorrow safer.”
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