Fontana Gruppo has supported also this year BtoB Awards, the prestigious prize celebrating entrepreneurial excellence in Monza and Brianza, Como, and Lecco. Fabrizio Fontana, Global Communication Director of Fontana Gruppo, commented from the stage of the Gala evening, during which the winners were presented for the first time: «We are happy to be here today and particularly proud to award the Worldwide category that reflects our history. Since the foundation of Fontana Gruppo in 1952, we have been pioneers of internationalization and have experienced significant growth also through acquisitions». Fontana Gruppo’s commitment to excellence was further demonstrated when Fontana presented the category award plate to Riva Mobili D’Arte. This recognition not only celebrates the recipient’s achievement but also underscores Fontana Gruppo’s dedication to bringing Italian design and craftsmanship to the global stage. Congratulations to the winners!